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 The Wildcat Steelhead Club is located on the Skagit River, Southeast 
of Sedro Woolley, WA. at 24910 River Rd. The boat launch is one of
the best; pointing downriver making it easier to load and unload boats.
Looking Downriver from the Boat Launch
Jeremy Mast and Mike Rabenstein
The parking lot is large enough to accommodate trucks and trailers with
space to turn around. 
Parking Area

There is a large park like area with picnic tables a covered barbeque
area with refrigerator and 4 ft. X 16 ft. fire pit. This is available for
members to use for any family events, class reunions, or just to enjoy.
Picnic and Barbeque Area
Park Rules
 1. The Park is open 1 hr. before sunrise to 1 hr. after sunset.
 2. Members only are allowed to park on the grounds.
 3. Non-members shall be accompanied by members in good standing. Member is responsible
     for their guest.
 4. Non-members shall park outside of the gate.
 5. Members park your vehicles with trailers perpendicular to Hansen Creek and as close
     together as possible.
 6. Members please place membership cards face up on dash while in Park grounds.
 7. If you plan to stay on the river to camp or fish after dark you must pre-arrange overnight
     parking with the caretaker and leave your name and phone numbers and vehicle license number
     along with time and day you plan to return, on a note with the caretaker.
 8. The Caretakers job includes keeping an orderly setting and has final say within the park.
 9. The Wildcat Steelhead Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
10. Launch users are to exercise safe and responsible boating procedures while loading and unloading.
11. Do your part to keep the river and park clean, be kind and thoughtful on the river, Please pick up
      garbage and obey game laws.
12. Please no wake in front of the dock on departure and arrival at the club.
The Launch 
To Schedule events at the Club grounds please contact the groundskeeper at
our Club phone:  360-855-2291.
This is a private Club, with parking for members only. Unaccompanied non-members on club grounds and property create many problems, with insurance being the greatest. The Wildcat Steelhead Club's policy is to require members to display their current membership card on the dash (driver's side) plainly visible from the exterior of the vehicle.
Our floating dock has yearly moorage available on a first come basis.
Fishing from the dock is permitted for members. 
Dock Rules
1. Members Only - Non-members must be accompanied by a member in
good standing on ramp or dock.
2. Non-members not allowed to fish from Dock.
3. Use of Club moorage shall be temporary and not exceed two hours.
4. The Wildcat Steelhead Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property. 
Boat owners secure your boats. 
5. All Children under the age of 16 must wear a life preserver at all times while on the the Dock.
6. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult while on the dock.
7. Moorage lessees may allow other members to utilize their moorage with written permission. This permission may not last for longer than 7 days at a time and may not amount to more than 7 days per year. Permission to do otherwise must be obtained in writing from the club.
Commercial businesses are not allowed to use the Club facilities, members or not.

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