Harold James Renfro
    Harold was born in Sedro Woolley on December 14, 1904, the Son of James H. and Flora V. Wall Renfro. He was raised and attended school in Sedro Woolley, graduating from Sedro Woolley High School in 1926, after returning from Seattle where he helped his father as a brick mason. Harold had already passed his civil service exam and began working for the U.S. Postal Service in 1927.
   On July 16, 1929 he was united in marriage to Dorothy Bradford in Snohomish, WA and they made their home together in Sedro Woolley until her death in 1985.
   Harold was a postal carrier in town for 23 years and then took a driving rural route for 12 years. He had recalled being one of the first out after heavy snow storms and delivering mail to wives and family of servicemen overseas during the wars. He retired in 1962.
   Harold enjoyed photography, and was one of the first in Sedro Woolley to take color photos. He also liked hiking and fishing and was one of the founders of the WILDCAT STEELHEAD CLUB.  He and several of his fishing friends over the years hiked into and stocked over 22 lakes and streams with fish in the North Cascades.
William "Bill" Rivord 
Lunde A. Perry in the mail cart.
Wildcat Steelhead Club
Looking for information on early club members
If you have any information on the founders and/or early members of the club please contact me at brownlee@wildcatsteelheadclub.org
Some of the Names of those I am looking for information on are:
William A. "Bill" Rivord
Paul Rodius
George Heise
Lunde A. Perry
Nels I. Peterson
Earl R. "Mose" Ross
H. R.  Crossman
Jack Davis
Just a few to begin with...
The First Meeting of the Wildcat Steelhead Club, April 1937 
The first meeting and banquet of the Wildcat Steelhead Club was held at the Wixon Hotel on April 22, 1937.  12 Members present.

Our Club had 16 members at this time.


Prizes awarded at the time for the first steelhead derby went to Roy McClure, largest female at 14 ¾  lbs.  Star Drag Reel.  Fred Bryant largest male 123/4 lbs. pair hip boots.


Officers elected were as follows:  L.A. Perry, Pres., N. I. Peterson Vice - Pres., Earl Ross Sec.-Treas. and H.R. Crossman, Judge.


At the meeting at Mr. Heise place on May 27 1937 the club adopted their first Constitution and Bylaws.  Also went on record to affiliate with the Washington Sportsman Council.

The first trout contest was started with a 25 cent entrance fee. 32 members entered this contest.  F. L. Spencer won this contest with One lb 15 oz. Cutthroat (dressed) with prizes amounting to $8.00     
cash and fly rod, reel, and line donated by Brichfords Sporting Goods Store.


On July 29, 1937 the Club enjoyed a weiner roast at Cockrehans Bar, 16 members were present to enjoy the feast. 


At the meeting on Aug. 29, 1937, Bill Kahler donated $5.00 for a special prize for the largest steelhead caught in the Skagit River before Feb. 28, 1938. This prize was won by Earl Porter with a 10 Lb. 11 oz. fish (dressed).


At our first meeting at the city Hall on Oct. 28, 1937  the second Steelhead derby was started with a 50 cent entrance fee. 31 members entered this contest. With first prize going to Earl Porter $7.75 in cash. Second prize was gaffed by N.I. Peterson, caught by L.A. Perry $4.65 in cash, third Prize to Fred Bryant $3.10 in cash, with honorable mention going to Oscar Greenstreet. The weights of these four fish were 14lb 8 oz, 13lb 4 oz, 12lb 7 oz, and 12lb 3 oz. (dressed).


Nov. 18, 1937 at city Hall first Birthday meeting.  Mr. Boddy Dept. of Game showed motion pictures of wild life. About 125 enjoyed these pictures as guests of the club.


On Dec. 30, 1937 the Junior Derby was started for children of Club members under 18 yrs of age with a 25 cent fee. This jackpot amounted to $2.50. With Shirley McClure winning first $1.50 with a 7lb 12 oz fish (dressed). Lyle McClure was second with a 5lb fish (dressed) $1.00.


Jack Davis Regional Director of the Washington Sportsman Council appoints George Heise as Chairman of Steelhead survey. Assistants are Maurice Splane Skagit River, and N>I> Peterson Samish River.


March 23, 1938 Fred J. Foster Regional Director Bureau of Fisheries showed movies of  Game fish, about 200 were present.
The membership of the Club as of April 1, 1938 was 58.
During the year Wm. Revord assisted in planting 10,000 Rainbow in Hart Lake and 10,000 Montana Black Spotted in a lake on Mt. Blum.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nels I Peterson, Vice – President

April 21, 1938